Cloud Security Posture Management

Automate Cloud Platform Security

Technology leaders are tasked with enabling the speed and agility made possible by the cloud, without sacrificing the safety and security of their apps and data. In the cloud, misconfigurations are the most significant risk and vulnerability.

To maintain a sound cloud security posture, operations and security teams need to be able to discover high risk configuration changes and remediate them quickly. OpsCompass inspects every cloud event and change in near real-time, determines whether it’s a security risk, and alerts the right people if it is.

Identify Risky Configurations

Eliminate risky misconfigurations and costly mistakes with automated, continuous analysis of your entire cloud.

Single Dashboard for Key Information

Extend and complement the cloud-native security and compliance tools with a platform that makes sense of your entire multi-cloud presence.

Security Beyond Compliance

Go beyond just compliance and detect novel changes that impact security or cost. Account for your cloud risk with a single platform.

“We now do not need to hire an additional 5 security personnel to watch screens.”


Identify Risky Configurations

Gain visibility into what’s going on in your cloud with automatic inspection of every configuration and identification of risk to continuously validate the security, compliance, and cost effectiveness of your cloud.

Single Dashboard for Key Information

OpsCompass complements cloud-native tools with alerts, but log-based tools still don’t provide the complete picture. In one clean view, OpsCompass tells you what changed, what it looked like before, who made the change, and what its implications are.

Security Beyond Compliance

Compliance is not the same as security. There are countless cloud configurations and settings that don’t violate key compliance guidelines, but do have serious security implications. OpsCompass ensures you are aware of all of it – in real time.

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