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Real-Time Insights at Your Fingertips

The cloud has unlocked a world of possibilities for modern enterprises – but it’s unlocked new challenges too. OpsCompass guides those responsible for cloud operations to overcome these challenges quickly and easily.

Our SaaS solution provides a single dashboard with real-time and action-oriented insights across compliance, security, and cost management. It’s simple to deploy, intuitive to use, and as flexible as the cloud itself. Best of all, our software makes it easy to fold cloud operations into your existing processes with your existing personnel.

Cloud Compliance Analysis

Compliance Analysis

Deep, point-in-time visibility and automatic benchmarking of every change against regulatory standards and custom internal baselines.

Cloud Cost Anticipation

Cost Anticipation

Real-time insight into cost-driving actions as they happen, not after an unexpected expense is realized.

Cloud Security Posture Management

Security Posture

Discover and remediate risky configuration changes in real-time with sophisticated monitoring and actionable alerts.

We had been diligent in following DevOps best practices for pipeline management for cloud application. OpsCompass brought us operational excellence by providing visibility to governance issues that happen day to day in the cloud.

True Multi-Cloud Support

OpsCompass works seamlessly with the three major public cloud providers, but we don’t stop there. Extend visibility, monitoring, and baselines across SaaS applications like Office365 for improved governance across your entire multi-cloud environment.
Microsoft Azure Governance
AWS Cloud Governance
Google Cloud Platform Cloud Governance
Microsoft 365 Governance
OpsCompass ServiceNow Integration
Cloud Compliance Score

Do you know how your cloud compliance stacks up?

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Cloud Expertise Across Industries

OpsCompass helps enterprises manage and improve cloud operations across industries. From baseline configurations for healthcare compliance regulations to sophisticated security posture needs for financial service providers, our software easily adapts to the needs of your organization.
financial services cloud posture
healthcare cloud posture
retail cloud posture
manufacturing cloud posture

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