Continuous Governance and Compliance for Your Public Cloud

Achieve consistent multi-cloud governance and manage your risks across cloud configurations, economics, compliance and security.

Multi-cloud Governance

Enable a common governance framework natively across the major clouds

Risk & Compliance

Reduce cloud risks with integrated continuous compliance analysis and visibility

Cloud Security

Ensure your cloud security posture is optimized by leveraging integrated security tools

Cloud Economics

Operationalize cost governance with standardization, service controls, and visibility


Operationalize your cloud governance at scale

OpsCompass provides real-time policy and governance oriented tools and services for Azure, AWS, and SaaS - helping companies realize the cloud's promise by innovate faster and reducing costs with audit-ready, secure and compliant cloud infrastructure.


Effective governance is the key to cloud success

OpsCompass provides a comprehensive framework for multi-cloud governance that helps companies define, implement, and enforce policy and requirements at scale without sacrificing agility or speed.

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Enforce governance with cloud-native guardrails

Build your own policy guardrails into your cloud and enforce those key configurations at scale and in real-time while identifying potentially risky changes to your cloud posture.

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Business Aligned Reporting

Resource level tracking across multiple clouds allows for a level of visibility and reporting that aligns with the business more than traditional data center technology. Trending analysis, cost attribution, and event outcomes are viewed through the lens of the business rather than the technology oriented cloud portal.


Ensure your cloud platform is audit-ready

When it comes time for an audit, you don't want any surprises. It's important that to know exactly what you have in the cloud and when it changes to maintain a safe and secure environment. Using tools like OpsCompass makes it easy to enforce specific configurations across clouds and be alerted when things change.


Building Proper Guardrails Across the Cloud Lifecycle

Starting up in the cloud without a plan leads to elevated risk and cost over time. Establishing a governance strategy and operational plan is essential to cloud success. With the right tools and a solid strategy, most organizations already have the right people.

Understand your requirements

Use an enterprise governance framework to identify needs surrounding identity, risks, and security.

Finding the right tools

Identify the tooling necessary for monitoring, deployments, optimization, and management.

Testing Cloud Governance

When you implement your enterprise cloud platform, test your governance patterns and practices.

Cloud Governance Operations

Implement a cloud business desk monitor, maintain, and optimize your cloud within your governance framework.

“We have been trying for five years to create operational clarity and a true plan to move key operations to the cloud. OpsCompass helped us do it in one month. They have mastered the evolution of enterprise to the cloud;

I am convinced we could not have done it without them."


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