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Your Cloud Operations on One Simple Dashboard

“The implementation was flawless and the customer service has always been at the highest level.”

~Mark W., Systems Engineer via Capterra


“Having over 2,000 cloud resources, I was able to discover all the inconsistencies we had along with some governance issues we needed to address.”

~Dustin D., Director of Software Engineering via Capterra


“They have been extremely supportive and responsive as we conducted a pilot and transitioning to production so that we could have a platform providing visibility in to Azure state.”

~ Chris P., Principal Infrastructure Architect via Capterra

“For the first time, having a clear ‘map’ of our Cloud was pretty exciting…”

~ Mark B., Former IT Exec via Capterra


Immediate access of all cloud assets in one place


Manage your cloud compliance and automatically map changes to the exact CIS/NIST policies that are affected


Understand rapidly changing modern cloud environments

Partners & Clients

Cloud Inventory and Discovery Made Simple

Get and Keep Your Cloud Secure Quickly

  • Automatically detects changes in your cloud

  • Enabling a quick response and better team productivity

  • Easily see your entire cloud infrastructure

  • Supports multiple

    cloud environments

Cost Anticipation and Analysis
Cost Anticipation and Analysis

Easily Monitor Your Compliance Score

  • Sort/filter by cloud, account, resource type, region, and each individual

    cloud resource

  • For each resource, drill down to view number of problems and changes made

  • Save filtered views for easy access in the future

  • Export inventory report to share

    and save

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