Your cloud infrastructure changes daily

Multi-cloud Visibility, Intelligence, and Control

OpsCompass drives true multi-cloud visibility, intelligence, and control across Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform for resource management, remediation, and configuration drift. Get your cloud into a known good state and keep it there within minutes.

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Full-cloud visibility and constant monitoring for your CloudOps team

Multi-Cloud Visibility

Single view across all your clouds – AWS, Azure, and GCP

Track Drift

Set a baseline, and control drift as it occurs

See Changes in Real-Time

Manage cloud costs as they occur, not when the bill arrives

Identify & Resolve Compliance Policy Issues

Automatically map changes to the exact CIS/NIST policies that are affected


Cloud Security Compliance Guardrails


Compliance Scoring and Assurance


Cloud Vulnerability Management

Your Ops Team can be more productive and efficient - with the right tools. Read Gartner's report:

Get and keep your cloud secure in minutes

Quickly spot and remediate risky configurations and costly mistakes before they do severe damage. OpsCompass inspects every cloud event and change in real-time.

Cloud Center of Excellence Dashboard

Secure your environment

Even the biggest companies have been breached by failing to monitor their clouds for changes made by internal or external sources. Using OpsCompass, change detection is automatic and easy-to-see, leading to quicker response and reduced impact.

Instant Visibility to Changes in your Cloud

OpsCompass automatically detects changes in your cloud – enabling a quicker response and better team productivity. Upskill your Ops team by giving them the right tool to easily see your entire Cloud infrastructure

Cost Anticipation and Analysis
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