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Visibility, multi-cloud security, cost management, and compliance from a single dashboard.

Why OpsCompass?

Proactively know what’s in your cloud and what to fix.

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OpsCompass Dashboard
  • Track security and compliance with a single Cloud Score.
  • Automatically manage configuration drift by category and priority.
  • Instantly view a snapshot of key cloud inventory data points.
  • View cloud resource type breakdowns at-a-glance.

Complete Cloud Visibility, Intelligence and Control

Constant Compliance Monitoring

Constantly evaluate your cloud infrastructure’s security with a comprehensive compliance review. Get a compliance score within minutes!

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Multi-Cloud Visibility

Use OpsCompass to see your entire multi-cloud infrastructure, helping you avoid costs and risks and stay secure.

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Anticipate and Control Costs

OpsCompass cost management tools help you proactively manage your spend, allowing you to take control in real time.

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Detect Configuration Changes

Monitor and detect configuration drifts in rapidly changing cloud environments. Enhanced visibility means better control and response.

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Read our new report: The 2021 State of CSPM

Conducted in early 2021, OpsCompass surveyed 253 full-time, US-based, IT professionals who develop, and either deploy or manage Enterprise cloud applications or infrastructure. See what they’re saying about cloud security and management.


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The State of Cloud Security — Insights From Eric Carrell

The State of Cloud Security — Insights From Eric Carrell

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“Having over 2,000 cloud resources, I was able to discover all the inconsistencies we had along with some governance issues we needed to address.”

Dustin D., Director of Software Engineering via Capterra


“The implementation was flawless and the customer service has always been at the highest level.”

Mark W., Systems Engineer via Capterra


“They have been extremely supportive and responsive as we conducted a pilot and transitioning to production so that we could have a platform providing visibility in to Azure state.”

Chris P., Principal Infrastructure Architect via Capterra


“For the first time, having a clear ‘map’ of our Cloud was pretty exciting …”

Mark B., Former IT Executive via Capterra

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