Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Visibility

DevOps engineers’ responsibilities have grown from maintaining cloud infrastructure for performance. In a multi-cloud or hybrid environment, governance is also an essential responsibility. OpsCompass simplifies governance by offering automated monitoring solutions.

Multi-Cloud Visibility

OpsCompass helps you see across the entire landscape of your multi-cloud infrastructure to alert you about changes that could result in additional costs or security gaps, helping you avoid risk in your fast-growing multi-cloud environment.

Public Multi-Cloud Visibility

OpsCompass easily connects to public cloud service providers, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more. If you need to change your public cloud infrastructure, you’ll receive alerts on how to fix any configurations that may have resulted from the move.

Private Hybrid Cloud Visibility

The OpsCompass SaaS offers hybrid multi-cloud management solutions by connecting with your private cloud services, like VMware. This gives you the flexibility to manage your cloud infrastructure as you like while getting the great visibility advantages of OpsCompass.

Managing Your Multi-Cloud Environment

Even with employees working from home or across multiple departments and divisions, the OpsCompass cloud monitoring SaaS allows you to identify and react to issues before they cause significant damage.

Cloud Visibility is Solved with OpsCompass

According to Gartner, 81% of all organizations are using two or more public clouds, which brings multiple monitoring tools, conflicting resource demands, and a larger number of users accessing critical data and applications. Whether your cloud is slowly expanding or exploding with demands, you need cloud monitoring tools that offer control and broad visibility across your entire infrastructure.

OpsCompass cloud visibility tools help you maintain:


Spot and fix risky configurations and mistakes before they do damage. Inspect all cloud events and changes in real time.


Evaluate your cloud infrastructure with a birds-eye view of your posture. Receive a compliance score minutes after installing OpsCompass.

Cost Optimization

Anticipate costs of cloud activities as they happen and know who is responsible for them. Receive alerts to avoid overruns.


No one can spin resources without your permission. Audits are simplified with fast reports on security posture and compliance status.


“Our team likes that the same product and dashboard provides a view of all of our cloud infrastructure, and we can use one tool and methodology to manage AWS and Azure.”

Dan S., Managing Partner via Capterra


“OpsCompass is a surprisingly easy-to-use tool that solves my need to see/track how my Cloud infrastructure is expanding. It gives our Cloud Ops guys a good view of all the resources in our Cloud, and tracks all changes back to the users or systems that made the changes. That’s a level of visibility and cost management we’ve never had before.”

Mark B., Former Exec, AlienVault Cybersecurity via Capterra


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