Cloud Security Posture Management

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) using OpsCompass helps you identify and respond to misconfigurations before they create security vulnerabilities. The single dashboard for key information makes it easier to maintain the compliance and cost effectiveness of your cloud.

Secure Cloud = Healthy Cloud

We know that a secure cloud infrastructure leads to a healthy cloud environment, which is why OpsCompass cloud security solutions are all about being proactive. From visibility to compliance, OpsCompass helps you meet cloud demands of Microsoft Azure, AWS, and the Google Cloud Platform while maintaining a sound security posture, so you can focus on your business.

Cloud Compliance

Continuous monitoring ensures your cloud is compliant with internal baselines and regulatory benchmarks, keeping you aware in real time.

Configuration Drift

Misconfigurations in your cloud can cause drift. Without detection, drift impacts can cause issues in the security of your cloud and system.

Cost Management

OpsCompass cost management tools help you proactively manage your spend, allowing you to take control.

The Rising Need for CSPM

Millions of remote employees depend on the cloud to work safely from home, while consumers reinvent how they shop, eat, and socialize over their mobile devices.

As cloud adoption grows and the use of integrated management tools, configuration tools, and automation tools increase, there is a greater opportunity for misconfiguration and exploitation. Mismanagement of these risks and vulnerabilities can not only cripple a company’s IT infrastructure but also significantly impact a company’s reputation and customers. Cloud security posture management is the key to avoiding these pitfalls.


Proactive CSPM

OpsCompass helps you proactively manage your cloud environment to avoid security events and emergencies.


Common Multi-Cloud Complications

  • Expanding your data-center network into multiple clouds, including SaaS environments that are publicly assessible
  • Reconciling the differing terminology and lack of full feature parity across cloud providers and their services
  • Achieving the same level of visibility into all resources and services in your multi-cloud environment

Protect Against Misconfigurations

As more people use the cloud, more data enters the cloud. With infrastructure as code (IaC), you can evolve based on technology needs. With that comes the need to have visibility into the infrastructure to truly ensure compliance – at the present and into the future. Cloud usage can scale quickly, and a lack of structure to ensure security with that growth can lead to greater risk of data breaches. OpsCompass is here to help.


Cloud Infrastructures Requiring Security

Serverless Compute

AWS Lambda
Azure Functions
GCP Cloud Functions

PaaS Services

Azure App Service
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Google App Engine

SaaS Platforms

Microsoft 365

Containers and Managed Kubernetes

AKS (Azure)
EKS (Amazon)
GKE (Google)


Azure SQL Database
Amazon RDS

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Dan S., Managing Partner via Capterra

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