Cloud Compliance

It’s never been more important to stay up to date on your multi-cloud’s infrastructure compliance with your internal baselines and external standards. As a leader in cloud compliance software, OpsCompass helps you meet CIS, NIST, FedRAMP, and other standards.

Continuous Compliance Monitoring

OpsCompass provides a single source of truth for your cloud platform – with the continuous compliance monitoring solutions and support you need.

Industry Compliance

To meet the digital demands of industries – from banking and insurance to healthcare – you need a multi-cloud environment that is safe, secure, and able to scale without exceeding budgets or falling out of compliance with industry regulations.

Track Your Compliance Score

It’s simple to monitor your cloud compliance score with OpsCompass. Using the cloud compliance software, you can:

  • Easily sort and filter by cloud, account, resource type, region, and individual cloud resource
  • Drill down each resource further to view the number of issues and changes made
  • Plus, save and share exported inventory reports

Easy Remediation Action Steps

When there are noncompliant resources identified, OpsCompass cloud compliance software clearly outlines what actions need to be taken to fix the issue and logs when resources go in and out of compliance and who baselined the change. This data can be easily exported for auditing purposes.

Issue Identfication and Next Steps

OpsCompass not only alerts you on a compliance issue, but tells you the priority of the issue and suggested next steps on how to fix the problem.

OpsCompass Dashboard on a MacBook

Be Prepared for a Compliance Audit

Stay aware of exactly what you have in the cloud and know when it changes. OpsCompass helps you avoid surprises, maintain a safe cloud environment, and be audit-ready.


“They are sincerely engaged and always suggesting different filtering/compliance options to help us better understand the information as well as offering suggestions on how to better ingest the information.”

Gregory B., Global Director – Security and Infrastructure via Capterra


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