Whether you are struggling to meet the compliance requirements of your specific industry, your cloud service provider, or you can’t keep track of all of the cloud security standards, OpsCompass is here to help.

Cloud Governance is Hard

Maintaining security and compliance across one cloud server can be difficult. Having multiple cloud servers makes the possibility of a configuration error go up exponentially. OpsCompass offers cloud security governance help, catching issues unique to each cloud service provider, and standards and regulations key to specific industries.

Partnerships and Expertise

OpsCompass partners with major cloud service providers to design and improve its software. This helps OpsCompass provide a single tool for managing compliance, costs, and security across your entire cloud environment.

The OpsCompass team partners directly to work seamlessly with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.

OpsCompass works with Google Cloud to prevent security risks and unexpected costs with real-time notifications.

We’ve worked with AWS to find ways to eliminate manual tasks and preserve the agility and flexibility of AWS.

OpsCompass also allows you to extend visibility, monitoring, and baselines across SaaS applications like Office365.


“I like that it provides a comprehensive glimpse into every single aspect of our cloud environment so we know what we need to fix or improve. It basically brings everything to the surface in a single canvas.”

Mike R., CEO via Capterra


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