With OpsCompass, you can navigate quickly to an Inventory of all of your clouds. You can drill down based on your different resources, cloud accounts, and providers.  We make it easy to get a snapshot of your multi-cloud environment.

Get a Clear View of Your Cloud Posture… Within Minutes

  • A single pane of glass across your multi-cloud environment
  • Be aware of who is making changes and when
  • Illuminate shadow IT deployments
  • Use guardrails to achieve a healthy and secure cloud infrastructure

Identify Problems

Click through your cloud inventory by cloud provider, type, and regions to fix problems fast within a resource.

Create and Save Filters

Quickly surface drift and compliance issues with the click of a button. Search out the specific resource you’re looking for by name and set a filter allowing you to save the search across the company. 

View Current State of a Resource

Investigate the compliance history, configuration changes, and related resources to every resource in your cloud environment.

In Depth Resource Configurations

As soon as you connect your first cloud, OpsCompass gives you total visibility into your environment with our Inventory view. You can get a full picture of each of your connected cloud accounts, regions and resources, as well as an overview of the problems they may have.  You can use multiple filtering techniques to instantly know where your resources are across all of your accounts.

Compliance Problems

Drive action and view the problems and policies according to the compliance frameworks that you are mapping against.

Change History

Catch configuration drift with a chronological view into all changes that have taken place on a resource at any point in time.

Current Configuration

Allow a team mamber to see the “Infrasturcture-as-code” view of a resource without needing RBAC into the resource itself in the cloud.

Know Your Cloud Better Than Your Developers

Without proper tools to monitor and manage your resources, you may be unaware of drift or other problems that could occur. The Inventory view of OpsCompass gives a snapshot across your:

  • Cloud Providers
  • Accounts
  • Resources
  • Regions

With a clear change history, quick identification of problems in your resources and information on your environment available, OpsCompass can give you the visibility you need.


Once we connected to our AWS and Azure instances, we were able to get a quick inventory of all of our cloud assets and understand the state of each.”

Dan S., Managing Partner, Software Company via Capterra

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