Cloud Security Posture Management

As your cloud infrastructure changes, there is more opportunity for security threats and misconfigurations. As the world changes, so do compliance standards. Stay on top of your cloud security posture with OpsCompass.

opscompass dashboard overview

Maintain Compliance

Access key information to make sure you’re maintaining compliance with the easy-to-use OpsCompass dashboard.
  • Quickly gain valuable insights into all your cloud accounts – Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google GCP as well as Microsoft 365
  • Snapshot of your key cloud inventory data points
  • See Configuration Drift changes by category and priority
  • Use our proprietary Cloud Score to track improvements to your cloud security and CIS and NIST compliance
  • View cloud resource type breakdowns at a glance

Manage Costs

OpsCompass comprehensive cloud inventory management solutions help you handle cost management and avoid unwanted surprises.

  • Sort and filter by cloud, account, resource type, region, and individual cloud resources
  • Drill down in each resource to view the number of problems and changes made
  • Save filtered views for easy access in the future
  • Export the inventory report to share and save
Cloud Inventory Dashboard
cloud resource view on opscompass dashboard

Catch Drift

Solve issues quickly, detect configuration drift, and more with in-depth cloud resource details.
  • Receive detailed alerts on the problems to be addressed along with recommended remediations
  • Understand the priority problems and learn how to fix them
  • View current JSON configurations
  • See a detailed history of resource events, including when they were detected

Supporting Your Entire Cloud Environment

OpsCompass cloud management software gives you complete control and visibility into your cloud, taking into account key cloud computing issues across a variety of industries.

Cloud Visibility

See across the entire landscape of your multi-cloud environment.

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Be confident in the state of your cloud with continuous monitoring.

Cloud Security

Stay aware in real time to keep on top of changes or possible security risks.

“One of the best parts of the product was the ease of use. It is very intuitive and requires no formal training. Our team likes that the same product and dashboard provides a view of all of our cloud infrastructure, and we can use one tool and methodology to manage AWS and Azure. ”

Dan S., Managing Partner via Capterra


Do You Know Your Cloud Compliance Score?

Do You Know Your Cloud Compliance Score?

Our proprietary Compliance Score gives you the full picture of your compliance posture with one simple number. Staying compliant can be an intimidating task, especially with the quantity and speed of changes that are constantly happening...

Understanding Cloud Drift Enables Zero-Trust Cloud Management

Understanding Cloud Drift Enables Zero-Trust Cloud Management

True Insight into Your Security Posture and Drift is Key to Zero-Trust In the cloud everything is configurable software. This sounds a little obvious, if not trite, but it actually represents an important insight into how the cloud really works, as well as how the...

Develop and Augment your Team with the Right Technology

Develop and Augment your Team with the Right Technology

SREs recognize the importance of efficiency. Cloud operations talent is in short supply, and those occupying those roles are frequently over-tasked, under-tooled, and suffer under the weight of tremendous expectations. SREs lament chatty, alert-saturated products that...

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