Release Notes


The latest releases, features and bug fixes for our flagship product.

Release Notes: June 2024

Release Notes: June 2024

New Features Data Gathering (v0.6+)  Oracle gather scripts ignore connect string now Updated to generate server, user, password (instead of connect)  Updated to generate server, user, password (instead of...

Release Notes: June 2024

Release Notes: May 2024

New Features License Dashboard(s) The license dashboard has been split into separate pages for each licensing product. Customers will see their license product(s) listed in the submenu below Licenses on the left-hand menu. The pages feature new...

Release Notes: April 2024

Data Gathering Re-enabled data gathering issue checks email. Added cloud detection to SQL Server Licensing. Bug Fixes/Improvements Registry of oracle features usage files is fixed when Oracle Spatial is missing. Fixed accessibility bug on Risk...

Release Notes: March 2024

New Features Script DocumentationLicensing customers now have a place to download documents detailing how to use data configuration scripts for license assessments. To access these documents, users will see a card with a button on the bottom right...

Release Notes: February 2024

New Features Drift Redesign The Drift page has been redesigned based on customer feedback. The new design emphasizes high-level information and presents Drift in a timeline format. Expiration Info  The Expiration Info feature helps you manage...

Release Notes: August 2023

New Features: SQL and Oracle Default Credentials | Bulk Load Configuration | Bug Fixes / Enhancements

Release Notes: July 2023

New Features: Account Manager | Linked Companies | New Notifications | Bug Fixes / Enhancements

Release Notes: May 2023

New Features: Database Discovery Configuration | CIS Microsoft Azure Foundations Benchmark v1.5.0

Release Notes: March 2023

New Features: Data Gathering Scripts | Compliance Page | Privacy Policy Updates | Bug Fixes / Enhancements

Release Notes: December 2022

Product Enhancements: SQL Server Licensing | CIS Benchmark | Inventory Quick Filters | Inventory Problem Filter | Related Resources | Resource Tagging

Release Notes: October 2022

Product Enhancements: Resource Usage Metrics | Compliance | CIS Benchmarks for Microsoft 365 v1.5 | Bug Fixes / Enhancements

Release Notes: September 2022

Product Enhancements: MSQL Data Gathering Configuration | Mitigations and Exceptions Filter | New Authorization Flow for Microsoft 365 Exchange and SharePoint Tenant Scanning | Oracle Database CIS Benchmark | Bug Fixes / Enhancements 

Release Notes: August 2022

Product Enhancements: Oracle Database CIS Benchmark | Mitigations and Exceptions | License Manager: Data Gathering Config Script Integration | Bug Fixes / Enhancements 

Release Notes: June 2022

New Features: New Logo | Available Feature: License Manager Data Gathering Configurations | Enhanced Feature: OpsCompass License Manager Reports | New Feature: Switch Active Company | Enhanced Feature: Entitlement Manager Numbers and Costs | New Resource Type: Amazon SQS Queues 

Release Notes: April 2022

New Feature: License Manager License Entitlements | New Feature: AWS Marketplace Integration | New Resource Type: Amazon SNS Topics | Improvement: Layout for Deleting Data 

Release Notes: February 2022

Highlights: New Feature: Document Manager | Creating Directories | New Feature: Activity Report | Updated Feature: “Admin” Navigation