Release Notes


The latest releases, features and bug fixes for our CPSM product.

Release Notes: April 2024

Data Gathering Re-enabled data gathering issue checks email. Added cloud detection to SQL Server Licensing. Bug Fixes/Improvements Registry of oracle features usage files is fixed when Oracle Spatial is missing. Fixed accessibility bug on Risk...

Release Notes: March 2024

New Features Script DocumentationLicensing customers now have a place to download documents detailing how to use data configuration scripts for license assessments. To access these documents, users will see a card with a button on the bottom right...

Release Notes: February 2024

New Features Drift Redesign The Drift page has been redesigned based on customer feedback. The new design emphasizes high-level information and presents Drift in a timeline format. Expiration Info  The Expiration Info feature helps you manage...

Release Notes: August 2023

New Features: SQL and Oracle Default Credentials | Bulk Load Configuration | Bug Fixes / Enhancements

Release Notes: July 2023

New Features: Account Manager | Linked Companies | New Notifications | Bug Fixes / Enhancements

Release Notes: May 2023

New Features: Database Discovery Configuration | CIS Microsoft Azure Foundations Benchmark v1.5.0

Release Notes: March 2023

New Features: Data Gathering Scripts | Compliance Page | Privacy Policy Updates | Bug Fixes / Enhancements

Release Notes: December 2022

Product Enhancements: SQL Server Licensing | CIS Benchmark | Inventory Quick Filters | Inventory Problem Filter | Related Resources | Resource Tagging

Release Notes: October 2022

Product Enhancements: Resource Usage Metrics | Compliance | CIS Benchmarks for Microsoft 365 v1.5 | Bug Fixes / Enhancements

Release Notes: September 2022

Product Enhancements: MSQL Data Gathering Configuration | Mitigations and Exceptions Filter | New Authorization Flow for Microsoft 365 Exchange and SharePoint Tenant Scanning | Oracle Database CIS Benchmark | Bug Fixes / Enhancements 

Release Notes: August 2022

Product Enhancements: Oracle Database CIS Benchmark | Mitigations and Exceptions | License Manager: Data Gathering Config Script Integration | Bug Fixes / Enhancements 

Release Notes: June 2022

New Features: New Logo | Available Feature: License Manager Data Gathering Configurations | Enhanced Feature: OpsCompass License Manager Reports | New Feature: Switch Active Company | Enhanced Feature: Entitlement Manager Numbers and Costs | New Resource Type: Amazon SQS Queues 

Release Notes: April 2022

New Feature: License Manager License Entitlements | New Feature: AWS Marketplace Integration | New Resource Type: Amazon SNS Topics | Improvement: Layout for Deleting Data 

Release Notes: February 2022

Highlights: New Feature: Document Manager | Creating Directories | New Feature: Activity Report | Updated Feature: “Admin” Navigation