Cloud Visibility

Get Better Visibility into Your Multi-Cloud Environment

Reduce costs and risks with a comprehensive view of your fast growing multi-cloud environment.    

As your customers become more dependent on online sales and services, and the ability to work from home, your cloud is probably bursting at the seams. Unprecedented cloud growth is making it tougher than ever to maintain control over costs, security gaps and compliance. 

Do you know the state of your cloud environments?  Are you prepared to make the configuration changes that you need?


According to Gartner, 81 percent of all organizations are using two or more public clouds, which brings multiple monitoring tools, conflicting resource demands and a larger number of users accessing critical data and applications. Whether your cloud is slowly expanding in increments or exploding with sudden demands, you need control with broad visibility across your entire infrastructure.  


Quickly spot and remediate risky configurations and costly mistakes before they do severe damage. OpsCompass inspects every cloud event and change in real-time.


Constantly evaluate your cloud infrastructure with a birds-eye view of your entire cloud compliance posture. Receive a compliance score within minutes of installing OpsCompass.

 Cost Optimization

Anticipate costs of cloud activities as they happen and know who is responsible for them. Receive alerts to avoid overruns.

With OpsCompass you can see across the entire landscape of your multi-cloud infrastructure to know when others are making changes that might produce additional costs or security gaps. Even with employees working from home or across multiple departments and divisions, you can control your cloud to identify and react to issues before they cause significant damage. 

OpsCompass helps you maintain governance over your cloud no matter how quickly it grows or how many employees require access. No one can spin up resources without your permission. And audits are simplified with fast reports on your overall security posture and compliance status. OpsCompass puts you in the control seat.  

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