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Organizational Evolution in a Cloud-First World - Part 1

July 22nd

Join industry veterans Josh Stephens (SolarWinds, INS, US Air Force) and John Grange (OpsCompass, Layeredi, Perigon Networks) for a two part webinar series where we will explore the evolution of these team structures, the skills needed to be successful within them, and the technologies that fuel these evolutions.

  • The evolution of network engineering to NetOps 
  • The transition from traditional software engineering and security to DevOps and SecOps
  • …and more!

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Organizational Evolution in a Cloud-First World – Part 2

August 5th

In part two we’ll discuss the technologies that are fueling these evolutions including management APIs, protocols, and specialized operations management products.

We’ll review and discuss:

  • The FCAPS model and how it relates to modern operations management
  • Legacy protocols such as SNMP, WMI, and RDP
  • Infrastructure management APIs
  • The role of CLIs within modern management practices
  • Automation and and the role of AI

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