You’ve just hit the moment of clarity that you need to do something about your cloud compliance program.

Did you have an uncomfortable audit?

Did you uncover unforeseen usage spikes?

Was it a directive from a senior executive?

Whatever the reason, now you need to both develop a governance strategy AND execute on it. Oh, and it needs to be done yesterday.

Unfortunately, there isn’t exactly a ‘magic bullet’ for achieving sound cloud governance. No single tool is going to just do it all for you. This is because cloud and DevOps are predicated on enhanced speed and agility and enabled by the effective collaboration between functions like software development, cloud operations, security, and other stakeholders. Tools are certainly a component of a governance strategy, but that necessarily fast-paced collaboration between often disparate teams and projects is paramount to a successful cloud governance program. Thus, it’s instructive to think about cloud governance as having three key components that need to work together in concert: people, process, and technology. The most successful companies use technology to drive the people and processes components of the governance strategy.

One of our clients was looking to get operational and financial control of their multi-cloud environment. They identified our product, Helm, as the technology that would be at the center of their governance process. Helm inspects configurations, scans for compliance, and provides baseline enforcement for cloud environments. But more importantly, Helm surfaces the most critical information about your cloud governance posture and presents it to the right people or teams. We now see Helm being used by this customer and many others as the tool that drives their weekly agile cloud governance standups – it’s an integrated technology solution that enables the people and processes that are essential for successful cloud governance.

Running a successful cloud governance standup.

We have a proven model to help our customers establish effective cloud standups with the right people in the room and information available. To assure the best possible outcomes and help establish best practices, OpsCompass leads the meetings for the first 4-8 weeks (the length of these engagements depends on a company’s size and needs). We provide agendas, recommended actions items, and attendees lists to ensure that the meeting is productive and driving better cloud outcomes. It’s a governance strategy in a box and we can help you accomplish in weeks what may take months or years without the right tools and model for success.  If you’d like to see our product in action, schedule a demo today.

For our second installment on this topic, we’ll discuss the specifics and goals for cloud standups to have a cloud governance program stick.

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