Our proprietary Compliance Score gives you the full picture of your compliance posture with one simple number.  

Staying compliant can be an intimidating task, especially with the quantity and speed of changes that are constantly happening in the cloud. OpsCompass helps you stay audit ready with our proprietary Compliance Score. You get the full picture of your compliance posture with one digestible number in just minutes. It’s generated by looking at all the cloud accounts attached to OpsCompass and benchmarks them to the compliance framework. You are being scored against every single change against your regulatory and custom compliance standards.  

OpsCompass provides deep visibility into your cloud environment. While the dashboard and inventory sections show you what you have, a compliance score shows you the problems in your environment. And, what you need to fix. OpsCompass provides you with a section that highlights the highest impact fixes, right next to your compliance score. The section showcases what you can do every single day to raise your score. 

In this video

There are 37 problems associated with this specific AWS security group. If you fix all these problems, your score will automatically increase by 13 points. During the compliance check, OpsCompass found 37 out of 150 scant resources failed because Port 22 is open, breaking a severity rule. In this view, you can see every single resource that was either passed or failed. In addition, each of these checks the severity of the check recommendation steps, the related framework associated with this rule, and why it’s important to fix.  

The remediation steps are crucial because instead of searching around your portal to find what you’re looking for, OpsCompass provides you with a direct link to the resource right inside your portal. So, you can fix it immediately. If you want to investigate further, click into the resource. You can see everything from the compliance rule it is breaking to the full history of the resource affecting your compliance score. Additionally, providing visibility across every single resource monitored by OpsCompass.  

When you click into the rule that you are breaking, you have the rationale and actions to take right away. But if you are blocking traffic elsewhere and need access to securely talk over SSH – you can proactively let your team know by adding a policy exception, state your reason right here and say something to the effect of, we have a third-party software that requires the security group to be configured this way. You can also set up an expiration date for OpsCompass to start alerting to it again to keep your team on top of this compliance problem.  

As soon as you log in to OpsCompass, you can see the real state of your compliance score. As soon as you start building new things in your cloud environment, the changes are captured in the recent drift section. As shown in the video, a new compliance change has occurred. OpsCompass discovered that a virtual machine was deployed in Azure, and it is affecting your compliance and cost concerns in your environment. By the initial deployment alone, OpsCompass has estimated how much it will cost per month by just existing. It will also let you know that this VMs configuration does not have endpoint extensions installed. Click into the compliance problem, and you will see it was configured correctly. We are compliant except for the endpoint extensions that are needed to keep malicious software from attempting to run on your Azure environment. OpsCompass makes it easy to fix, simply click on the resource link above and jump right to that resource and get it back in compliance, while raising your compliance score in the process. 

When you sign up with OpsCompass, you get a single pane of glass across your cloud environment within minutes. Inventory shows what you have, drift shows how it is changing, and compliance shows what went wrong and why. OpsCompass’ high impact fixes section shows you what you can do every single day when you sign in to get your environment to a healthy state. Knowing how your compliance stacks up within your cloud is essential for cloud adopters and enterprises looking to optimize their cloud efforts.  

Stay audit ready, get deep visibility, and catch drift early with OpsCompass’ proprietary Compliance Score. Get your score today!

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