As the cloud becomes even more challenging and complex, OpsCompass CTO John Grange sits down with Kashif Manzoor of Open Tech Talks to talk more about his background, cloud strategy, and OpsCompass.  

In this episode, they discuss: 

OpsCompass provides a rich inventory of all your resources, it’s going to discover resources as they’re being created and modified. OpsCompass does a deep analysis and detection of drift and all those sorts of things on those environments as well. So then from there, we’re able to give you visibility to what’s happening, which then gives you a feedback loop into CI/CD pipelines or other patterns and practices, such as compliance audits. The critical things for me, were always, how do we know what IPS we have out there. A hosting providers perspective is much different than in the enterprise IT world because there is no kind of monolithic perimeter that everything’s in this big trust zone. You have all of these customers that have public basic stuff, and you need to figure out a way to make it secure – that’s what OpsCompass does.” 

You can listen to the full interview here: 

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