Release Notes: February 2024

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New Features

Drift Redesign

The Drift page has been redesigned based on customer feedback. The new design emphasizes high-level information and presents Drift in a timeline format.

Expiration Info 

The Expiration Info feature helps you manage the lifecycles of various software components within your company. Tracking when expirations occur is difficult in any tech stack, and this feature makes it much easier. A wide variety of databases, operating systems, languages, frameworks, runtimes, etc. are supported out of the box. The Expiration Info feature enables a company to enter components that are used, maintain an inventory, and track expirations. 

Data Gathering Script Enhancements 

  • Minor changes to bulk loader Recognizes legacy oracle connect strings 
  • Now uses configurationId instead of bulk_create.config_id 
  • The bulk_create property is now optional
  • Data gathering modules’ mlss*.sh scripts now accept config file specifications like, and have improved output when no matching database configs are found. 
  • New email for configuration problems – no file received, duplicate configs, etc… 

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed bug that caused Terms and Conditions text to be white and illegible 
  • Fixed data gathering bug caused by inconsistent command line and defaults 
  • Updated the styles in the Weekly Digest 
  • Fixed a bug that prevented companies from inviting a user’s email more than once 
  • While editing a user, only the roles they currently have at the company are selected now 
  • Users now see a warning when trying to create a folder with the same name as one that already exists