Release Notes: July 1st, 2021

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New Features
  • Inventory now includes a card that displays resource details so that users can better understand the activity and detail of specific resources while remaining in the context of an inventory filter
Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • Removed ‘Cloud Provider’ tab from Inventory page since Scope is used for filtering by Cloud Provider the utility of this tab as a drilldown has been diminished
  • Removed ‘Region’ and ‘Created On’ from the Inventory Resource table since these are displayed on the new Resource card
  • OpsCompass now checks for the use/configuration of AWS Secrets Manager and checks for the use of secret rotation scheduling.
  • Removed cloud provider prefix from Resource Types as it is redundant information
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes GCP scans would run out of memory; this typically only happened with new GCP accounts
  • Changed the target of Dashboard’s ‘View all Inventory’ link to land on Resources tab
  • Fixed Export Report function on compliance status for all resources page
  • Fixed a bug where in certain cases users were not able to export Compliance reports
  • Fixed a bug where EC2 SecurityGroup relations were not being properly parsed even though they were present in the scan
  • Added sql#database resource type (GCP)
  • Expanded type dependency scanning to cover Azure
  • Expanded type dependency coverage of GCP scanning
  • Break up `sync-subscription-resources`
  • Corrected remediation steps for AWS CloudWatch KMS Key management
  • Updated style of buttons and icons used on Inventory page
  • Added check for AWS S3 Buckets to ensure CloudTrail buckets are not exposed to the internet.
  • Authored compliance check for AWS accounts to ensure there are more users than just root
  • Corrected the remediation steps for AWS CloudWatch compliance checks