Release Notes: June 2024

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New Features

Data Gathering (v0.6+) 

  • Oracle gather scripts ignore connect string now
    • Updated to generate server, user, password (instead of connect) 
    • Updated to generate server, user, password (instead of connect) 
    • It is no longer necessary to enclose the server attribute in double-quotes 
  • Updated bulk_load.js to ignore legacy connect strings 
  • Oracle MOS data is now being staged in OpsCompass 
  • has new options to facilitate testing and reduce unnecessary warnings 
  • Fixed PowerShell install on Debian 12 

Bug Fixes/Improvements 

  • Column names now overflow with ellipses rather than wrapping onto new line on Compliance Checks page 
  • Users can now clear the Status filter (resources added, changed, and deleted) through the filter modal or by clicking on the number again 
  • Fixed bug displaying the Edit Drift Concern page name incorrectly 
  • Fixed bug that prevented users who subscribe to Document Manager Emails from receiving emails if they were given Document Administrator permissions in their invite
  • We adjusted our MFA policy, which should reduce how often it asks you for MFA codes accessing the app to once per browser session
  • New Script Documentation added
  • Fixed bug that caused JavaScript design issues once users navigated back from an error page
  • Checks page now loads properly for users with Oracle databases checked for licenses only