Release Notes: November 2023

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New Features

  • Data gathering for Oracle CIS (oracle-compliance) and Features Usage (oracle-features) default Oracle Instant client was upgraded to 19c (from 12c), and fixed issues with installation of the Instant Client.
  • SQL Server CIS data gathering (msql-compliance) is now run as part of
  • SQL Server Licensing data gather (msql-licensing) now includes information regarding the types of database connections allowed within availability groups.
  • All data gathering module distribution bundles are now digitally signed by (

Bug Fixes / Enhancements

  • Updated Oracle Features Usage data gathering to reduce the size of the output file.
  • Improved comments and logging for data gathering in various modules.
  • The data gathering configuration screens now load configurations in pages, this will improve the experience for users with large numbers of databases.
  • OpsCompass now tracks the type of change which leads to Drift being generated, this will be useful for an upcoming feature, stay tuned!
  • Fixed an issue that caused the resource link on the Deployments tab under the SQL Server Licensing Assessment page to be invalid.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Compliance Score difference in the weekly digest to be incorrect week to week.