Release Notes: October 14, 2021

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New Features
  • Compliance Reporting has been expanded to include a new PDF report.  
  • OpsCompass License Manager has been improved with new data gathering script packaging and deployment.  
  • OpsCompass License Manager has been improved with automated data ingestion.  
  • OpsCompass API Command Line Interface (CLI) is available as a downloadable NPM package. 
  • New APIs have been added for listing accounts.  
  • Added checks for AWS Password Policy 
  • Added checks for AWS S3 bucket configuration & security 
  • Added checks for AWS EC2 EBS volumes 
Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • The Drift View has been updated to change the visual indicators. Now shaded green/red areas show additions and deletions, and a teal bar has been added to show the area of JSON detected in the evaluation. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Virtual Machine Name to disappear in the deployments section of OpsCompass License Manager.  
  • Added CloudFormation Templates to Event Driven scanning for faster detection of changes. 
  • Minor fixes and improvements to compliance checks, improving rule names, error messages, framework assignments and attribution.  
  • Fixed a bug where the latest resource version would incorrectly show “undefined.” 
  • Improved the user experience for conditions where no new alerts exist.