Release Notes: October 2022

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Product Enhancements 

Resource Usage Metrics

We can now capture usage metrics for various resources. Users can see those metrics over time visualized on a resource’s page. At launch, this supports AWS EC2 and RDS and must be enabled for specific accounts.

  • To enable OpsCompass to start tracking resource usage metrics within your environment, contact your OpsCompass representative
    • This supports CPU utilization and various I/O stats for AWS EC2 and RDS instances.
    • Added API / CLI endpoints for querying for resource usage metrics on resources.
    • Added ‘Usage Metrics’ tab to resource screen.
  • Users should see the Compliance dashboard load much faster now. We changed the snapshot on the compliance dashboard to pull from the same place we use for the weekly digests. This data is updated once a day, so users may now see some difference between the compliance dashboard and the framework reports underneath it.
  • Added optimizations so compliance framework details load more quickly.
  • The numbers across the top of the compliance dashboard now show problem counts across resources. Some checks apply to multiple controls in a compliance framework, so one problem may count multiple times in frameworks such as CIS Controls v8, leading to the numbers being higher for individual frameworks when compared to the top-level totals.
  • Authored Compliance Check for detecting AWS RDS Oracle BYOL Compliance with large vCPU count.
CIS Benchmarks for Microsoft 365 v1.5
  • Added support adds three new checks and two new resource types
Bug Fixes / Enhancements
  • Users network usage should now be reduced while using OpsCompass.
  • Oracle databases will no longer be mistakenly marked as deleted during scans.
  • New resources with the same ID as a previously deleted resource will now be scanned.