Cloud adoption was already well underway prior to COVID-19 but the pandemic accelerated adoption faster than anyone could have ever anticipated.

Practically overnight, organizations of all sizes were forced to confront an abrupt shift to remote work for the majority of their staff. As the repercussions of COVID-19 continue to play out in the months and years ahead, there’s one thing in the tech space that will ring true: there will be no going back from this shift to the cloud.  While this mass migration has been taxing on all businesses, it has also brought many benefits to the forefront.

With these benefits, also comes major security risks. According to a report published by Sophos, almost three-quarters of organizations hosting data or workloads in the public cloud experienced a breach in 2019. With IBM estimating that the average data breach costs $3.92 million, organizations can’t afford to neglect their cloud security, financially or reputationally.

So, what can teams do to prepare for this new world? How can they set themselves, and their organizations up for success in the future? To answer these questions and more, we’re launching a new series that will interview a wide range of security professionals, thought leaders, and other industry experts who will share their insights to help teams prepare for what lies ahead. You can find a collection of these interviews below that we will update every week.

State of Cloud Security 2021 Interviews 

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