OpsCompass doesn’t stop with its great SaaS product – we not only have software as a service, but people as a service. If you are looking for cloud security consulting services, our team is ready to help. 

Professional and Managed Services

OpsCompass doesn’t have a peer when it comes to SaaS products. We not only have software as a service, but people as a service. The OpsCompass Global Services division (also known as House of Brick) specializes in helping clients with licensing compliance, managed and professional consulting services needs, and database architecture and migrations. If you are adopting a new cloud framework or could use some help managing your cloud, our team is here for you.

Hands-On Help

Our team has expertise in configuring and managing Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases on cloud servers. If you’re not yet on the cloud, we can help there, too. Our talented consultants focus on proactive long-term solutions to address business problems. OpsCompass can monitor your drift, provide your compliance posture, and safeguard you from audit and risk.

Consulting Services

Professional Consulting Services

Cloud professional services for Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS, including database architecture and cloud migration.

Cloud Professional Services ›

Managed Consulting Services

Cloud managed service provider for Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS, including maintenance, monitoring, and performance tuning.

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Compliance and Governance

Personalized consulting for vendor license compliance including Oracle, VMware, and Microsoft.

Compliance and Governance Consulting ›

OpsCompass License Manager

Like a consultant, only a very friendly robot, OLM tells you when you are out of compliance on Oracle licensing.

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“While we rely heavily on our highly talented internal team, the deep pool of exceptional resources that House of Brick brings to bear provides a great breadth of expertise to our resource arsenal. We have a very powerful, robust, and intelligent team supporting our critical operating environments.”

Craig Beaudry, VP of Enterprise Communications


Release Notes: November 2023

Release Notes: November 2023

New Features Data gathering for Oracle CIS (oracle-compliance) and Features Usage (oracle-features) default Oracle Instant client was upgraded to 19c (from 12c), and fixed issues with installation of the Instant Client. SQL Server CIS data gathering (msql-compliance)...

Release Notes: October 2023

Release Notes: October 2023

New Features Account Scanning On-Demand  Users can now manually trigger a scan of their accounts from the new Manage Accounts tab on the Admin page. It might take up to an hour for the whole account to be scanned.   Resource Scanning On-Demand  Users...

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