License Manager

An Oracle audit can be a nightmare for an unsuspecting DevOps engineers because Oracle will charge you license fees for database features you didn’t realize you were using. As you move to the cloud, chances for misconfiguration increase, but OpsCompass License Manager has your back.

Oracle Audit Defense

OpsCompass License Manager is designed to help you avoid unnecessary license costs by automatically monitoring your Oracle systems for license compliance issues. 

You’ll be alerted about those issues and the software will suggest options on how to fix the issues.

There are two main risks that our Oracle license management software protects you from: unlicensed database features and uncontrolled VMware usage.

Risk 1: Unlicensed Database Features

With Oracle in the cloud, database features are all turned on by default. This introduces an opportunity for costly mistakes. Oracle will charge you for all enabled features, whether you were actually using them or not. OpsCompass License Manager will notice unused features and alert you to turn them off.

Risk 2: Uncontrolled VMware Usage

In a virtual environment, it’s really important to make sure you are in compliance with your Oracle licenses. If Oracle usage is uncontained in your virtual environment, it can cause issues – each time that virtual machine lands, it adds up to more expense to you.

Automated License Usage and Cost Checks

The License Manager dashboard shows you which Oracle products you are utilizing, what you are currently licensed for, and what the potential costs could be in an audit.

Managed and Professional Services

OpsCompass offers additional support for Oracle license optimization and audit defense protection.


“It has been top shelf. The quick responses we get from the OpsCompass team are unmatched. It’s been a pleasure to learn this software and work with great people.”

Mark W., System Engineer via Capterra

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