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Enabling Success in the Cloud for Banking and Insurance


From remote deposits to roadside claims, banks and insurance companies depend on healthy and secure cloud environments to meet their customers in a digital world. Is your cloud ready?

Consumers are increasingly opting to engage with banks and insurance agents over their digital devices and apps. They demand that business be done on their terms and on their time, whether it’s checking on the status of a claim, applying for a loan, or transferring money over a variety of online payment methods.

To meet these digital demands, you need a multi-cloud environment that is safe, secure and able to scale without exceeding budgets or falling out of compliance with industry regulations. Without clear visibility and management across your entire cloud, you could miss out on the next big opportunity, lose customers and create an audit nightmare down the road.

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There are more than 57 million mobile banking customers in the US.

Financial institutions spend up to 10% of their annual revenue on dealing with regulatory matters

The need has increased for analytics and culture to recognize risks earlier

With a healthy cloud environment, banks and insurance companies have the flexibility and resiliency to quickly take advantage of opportunities created by an evolving digital world. For example, banks with a stable cloud can quickly change business models to take advantage of new loans like the Paycheck Protection Program. And insurance companies can unleash their agents to expand and tailor their offerings to meet their customers’ needs..

OpsCompass provides a single source of truth for your cloud platform with the visibility, insights and compliance support needed to keep your cloud healthy and ready to meet customers where they are and on their terms. We can also help you anticipate and reduce cloud costs and prepare for potential audits.

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Whether it’s AWS or a multi-cloud setting, you’ll get the full picture of your compliance status without navigating across multiple portals. Read More.

Security Posture

It’s important that you know exactly what you have in the cloud and when it changes to maintain a safe and secure environment. Read More.

Compliance Analysis

Cloud compliance requires that you have deep, point-in-time visibility into your cloud infrastructure. Read More.

Prepare your banking and insurance cloud for the age of digitalization

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