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If your cloud infrastructure includes Google Cloud, OpsCompass can help you monitor changes that could increase your risk for cost, security, or compliance issues.

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Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) robust set of solutions and technologies provides a rich collection of resources and configuration options that makes it a viable choice for your public cloud. GCP adheres to many industry-specific compliance standards – but you also share in security and compliance responsibilities. OpsCompass ensures you’ll get the most out of the platform’s business transformation technologies by making governance easy, putting Google Cloud compliance and Google Cloud security best practices at the forefront.

google cloud's four themes for success

Four Themes for Security

Google has identified four themes required for a safe and successful cloud: learn, lead, scale, and secure. These themes help define your cloud readiness and set you on your way for short- and long-term success in Google Cloud compliance and Google Cloud security.

Within each of these themes, OpsCompass can serve as the governance automation solution that enables you to fit them into new and existing workflows.

Easily Adopt Google Cloud

The Google Adoption Framework streamlines your journey to successfully adopting the cloud. Working within the framework will tell you how to prioritize your training and change management programs, your partner relationships, your cloud operating model, and your secure account configuration.

During this process, OpsCompass provides a holistic view of the status of your specific workloads to ensure your first experience in Google Cloud is successful.

opscompass at the center of successful google cloud adoption

Simplify the Google Cloud Platform for Your CCOE Team

Providing your cloud center of excellence (CCOE) team with the right tools and training is critical to eliminate security risks and unanticipated cost-runs. OpsCompass can push notifications and provide guidance when actions need to be taken to address human-caused errors and questionable modifications.

By setting the right baselines, OpsCompass helps ensure you are adhereing to Google Cloud security best practices and maintaining Google Cloud compliance.


“We are considering Google (GCP), and it’s nice to know we can just add that to our OpsCompass dashboard and manage everything using the same policies, approach, and methodologies. One tool instead of three is a no brainer.”

Dan S., Managing Partner via Capterra


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