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Kick the tires for 30 days. No charge.


  • Unlimited resources
  • Discovery and inventory for public clouds​
  • Dashboards, drift, and cost management​
  • 3 users​
  • CIS & NIST compliance monitoring​
  • Export data​
  • 90 days data retention​
  • Chat and email support​


Starts at $500 per month for up to 500 resources.


  • Unlimited users
  • Discovery and inventory for public clouds​ and Office 365
  • Dashboards, drift, and cost management​
  • CIS, NIST, and FedRAMP compliance monitoring​
  • Export data​
  • 3 years data retention​
  • Priority support​

$1,500 per month for up to to 2,500 resources

$2,500 per month for up to 5,000 resources

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Everything in Pro and:

Frequently Asked Questions

Find anwers to the most frequently asked questions about OpsCompass SaaS pricing.

What does the Community Tier include?
Community Tier is an inventory and discovery experience that allows the practitioner to identify and seamlessly track the inventory coming in and out of their environment, including all virtual servers, virtual machines, etc.
How do I upgrade?
You can upgrade from a 30 day trial or Community Tier inventory and discovery experience by requesting a quote.
Does the Inventory and Discovery experience expire?
No. The Inventory and Discovery experience will continue to show your resources after the 30 day trial.
How do I get started?
Head to the Get Started page to have your access to OpsCompass provisioned. Note your email address must be Google or Microsoft certified. You’ll first have a 30 day trial of all OpsCompass features and functionality. From there, if you do not upgrade to Pro, your access will be limited to Community.
Do I need a credit card to try OpsCompass?
No. You can access the 30 day trial and Community Inventory and Discovery experience without a credit card.
How do I log in for the first time?
Sign in to OpsCompass and be authenticated via Google or Microsoft directory. If your company does not use Microsoft or Google for authentication, the user will be authorized with authority and need to enter the email that matches the email used to invite. Create a password and click “sign in.”
How do I connect a cloud account to OpsCompass?
OpsCompass uses the term “cloud account” as a generic way to talk about subscriptions (in Azure), Organizations (in AWS), Projects (in GCP), and Tenants (in Microsoft 365).

Below, you’ll find more information on how to connect those cloud accounts to our solution.

How do I invite a new user to OpsCompass?
An administrator with the “add user” role on the company’s OpsCompass account needs to follow these steps to invite users.
What is included in the 30 day trial?
You will be able to set a secure baseline against your compliance, security, and cost within minutes. With a 30 day trial, you receive a high-fidelity snapshot of all resources in your current cloud environment, a minimum viable product based on the CIS and Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework, and a detailed compliance score with suggested remediations.
I submitted the free trial form, now what?
Your provisioning link will appear on the thank you page and via email. If you’re having trouble accessing it, please reach out to

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