Healthcare Cloud Compliance

Managing healthcare records in the cloud requires specific considerations due to healthcare laws and regulations. OpsCompass is configured to monitor and alert you on HIPAA compliance standards, simplifying healthcare compliance in the cloud.

Healthcare Industry Compliance Regulations

Digitizing health records was a turning point for technology use in the healthcare industry. Since then, the possibilities and use cases of healthcare technology continue to grow.
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Monitor and Secure

The cloud enables these solutions by providing the ability to scale on demand, the horsepower for deep learning, and cost effective resources. However, the cloud can also create new challenges in this highly regulated industry. Maintaining standards, such as HIPAA, in a cloud environment with many human interactions to monitor requires visibility across your systems.

OpsCompass provides this visibility and intelligent insights so that you can maintain a compliant, secure, and cost-effective cloud environment.

How OpsCompass Helps Healthcare Cloud Governance


Changes happen frequently and through different configuration vectors. OpsCompass provides visibility to the configuration state before and after the violating change.

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Security Posture

To maintain security, it’s crucial to know what’s in the cloud and when changes occur. OpsCompass makes it easy to enforce configurations across clouds and be alerted of changes.

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Compliance Analysis

OpsCompass checks whether your infrastructure is compliant with regulatory benchmarks, like HIPAA, and also automates the auditing process to reduce overhead needed to meet requirements.

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Cost Anticipation

According to Rightscale, 35% of cloud spend is wasted. By monitoring when new resources are put into use or modified, OpsCompass can project costs and alert you when they exceed a threshold.

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Healthcare and Cloud Adoption in 2021

Do you have the visibility and resources needed to manage the delicate balance of modern healthcare? Explore how to manage and control a multi-cloud environment and more.

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