Retail Cloud Compliance

Retail business applications are governed by specific regulations to protect the security of buyer transactions. OpsCompass makes retail vendor compliance easy by monitoring your cloud infrastructure and alerting you of any necessary updates.

Enabling Success in the Cloud for Retail Vendors

The retail industry is rapidly evolving. Advanced technologies, such as cloud computing, mobile solutions, machine learning, and IoT enable retailers to connect with their clients and customers when and where they choose.

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The Right Data With the Right Security

This digitized experience enables customers to shop nearly anywhere and choose from a variety of fulfillment options. It also results in an overwhelming amount of data to collect, understand, and act on. Unlocking the full potential of this data often requires compliance with regulations which set a new bar for data privacy, security, and compliance.

OpsCompass provides the insight retail enterprises need to establish and maintain a compliant, secure, and cost-effective cloud environment.

How OpsCompass Helps Retail Cloud Governance


Changes happen frequently and through different configuration vectors. OpsCompass provides a snapshot of the cloud and compares it to certification standards, like NIST or CIS.

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Security Posture

To maintain security, it’s crucial to know what’s in the cloud and when changes occur. OpsCompass makes it easy to enforce configurations across clouds and be alerted of changes.

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Compliance Analysis

OpsCompass checks whether your infrastructure is compliant with regulatory benchmarks and also automates the auditing process to reduce overhead needed to meet reporting requirements.

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Cost Anticipation

According to Rightscale, 35% of cloud spend is wasted. By monitoring when new resources are put into use or modified, OpsCompass can project costs and alert you when they exceed a threshold.

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