Who’s in your cloud?

Visibility and security are critical to your cloud operations, and made more challenging by your staff working remotely. And let’s be honest, your budget isn’t quite at level you want it to be. If you’re nodding along, you’re in the right place. We’re glad you’re here.


Single pane of glass across your entire cloud infrastructure


Achieve and maintain healthy and secure cloud infrastructure


Efficiently scale, manage and control multi-cloud environments 

How are you addressing the cloud skills gap required for the future?

Cloud Center of Excellence Dashboard

Secure your environment

You can imagine the nightmare scenario of a security breach: financial ramifications, lost time and productivity, and a slipping reputation can be hard to claw back from. The OpsCompass data visualization and CIS/NIST integration easily tell you what steps to take to secure your environment.

Visibility to cloud changes

More visibility to the changes others are making in the cloud can have tremendous workflow and productivity benefits. The OpsCompass UI, data visualization, and cloud score make it very clear what’s working and what’s not.

Cost Anticipation and Analysis
Cloud Center of Excellence Dashboard

Are your cloud costs increasing?

A few dollars? A few thousand? It’s hard to know the financial impact of your team’s efforts. With OpsCompass, you’ll see the projected cost of a cloud action before you’ve already spent the money.

Scale your productivity

Your engineering team needs to do more, better, and faster. The catch is the team isn’t growing. OpsCompass can drive workflow efficiencies to redeploy critical resources where you need them.

Cost Anticipation and Analysis
Cloud Center of Excellence Dashboard

Cloud misconfigurations are real

Let’s keep you focused on the good stuff and not the sideways stare of your CEO. OpsCompass is a true multi-cloud and SaaS monitoring tool that does exactly what it’s supposed to: alert you to security and compliance issues, with remediation all baked in.

Share your questions and challenges with us. We’d love to help.

True Multi-Cloud Support

OpsCompass works seamlessly with the three major public cloud providers, but we don’t stop there. Extend visibility, monitoring, and baselines across SaaS applications like Office365 for improved governance across your entire multi-cloud environment.
Microsoft Azure Governance
AWS Cloud Governance
Google Cloud Platform Cloud Governance

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