Reduce Microsoft SQL Server database
in the cloud or on-premise

The risks surrounding enterprise data have never been greater. Our SQL Server solution surfaces your keys risks all in one place by continuously evaluating security controls, user access, and license audit risk across your entire inventory.

Identify, prioritize, and remediate SQL Server problems faster

Assessing SQL Server risk posture – whether in a public cloud or traditional datacenter – is a critical part of IT, security, and asset management. OpsCompass offers enterprise-wide database security and license management, incorporating both legacy and cloud deployments

Licensing Risk Assessment

Ensuring that your SQL Server databases operate within the limits of the license agreement can prevent costly overages and non-compliance penalties, allowing you to optimize your IT budget.
anticipating costs in real time with alerts
monetary alert and budget limits

Enforce Least-Privilege Access

Identify risky behavior and overprivileged users at scale and across your database fleet. See which users present the highest risk, review privileges granted to those users, and remediate security problems faster.

Multi-cloud +

Secure your critical databases whether they’re on VMware in your data center or in a public cloud such as AWS, Azure, GCP, or OCI.
estimated cost impact of resources

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