The Nebraska Department of Economic Development and Nebraska-based cloud security company OpsCompass, LLC today announced completion of a prototype cloud security product that enhances security visibility and improves compliance when using products in the fast-growing Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

“The prototype program was essential to our need for speed in the cloud market. Not just financially, but also its ability to open doors and assimilate technology partnerships,” commented John Grange, Chief Technology Officer at OpsCompass. “We believe it directly led to essential dialogue with key players like the Nebraska Applied Research Institute (NARI), Microsoft Azure product leadership and innovative client executives that helped shape our product,” he added.

The first program prototype involves software that will provide cloud monitoring controls for cybersecurity and compliance within the Microsoft Azure cloud. Azure is used by more than five million organizations globally, including most Fortune 500 companies.

“OpsCompass is the type of organization that can really leverage the prototype program,” remarked Courtney Dentlinger, Executive Director of Nebraska Department of Economic Development. She continued, “they are solid, experienced technologists with a track record of success and innovation that can bring high tech talent and jobs to Nebraska.”

The first product, OpsCompass Helm, will see commercial release in August 2017. Additional software services such as the planned Navotics CPS project, a focus on cyber physical systems and IoT (Internet of Things) security analytics for cloud enablement, are in development with partners like NARI and other industry specific providers.

“This project is precisely the mission of NARI, to help build advanced solutions that are applicable to the marketplace and extend the capabilities and influence of the academic environment in real time, with real commercial enterprises,” added Bev Seay, Executive Director for Nebraska Applied Research Institute. She continued, “OpsCompass is one of the right partners because they understand our team is purpose built to tackle the rapid challenges inherent in this epoch of digital transformation and cyber threat.”

The team will be meeting with regional enterprise clients, Microsoft, and other partners to demonstrate the software’s capability and assess other requirements for the company’s cybersecurity research and development focus.

About the Nebraska Department of Economic Development
Since 1967, the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) has focused on growing and diversifying the state’s economic base by bringing new investment, businesses, and people into the state. DED’s mission is to provide quality leadership and services that enable Nebraska’s communities, businesses, and people to succeed in a global economy. DED’s primary divisions of Business Development and Housing & Community Development are equipped with a variety of programs to advance Nebraska businesses and communities by assisting with business formation, retention, and expansion and by supporting Nebraska communities with development efforts. 

About OpsCompass
OpsCompass, LLC is a Nebraska based provider of enterprise software that drives operational control, visibility, and security in Microsoft Azure and other global cloud platforms. Purpose-built for the cloud, OpsCompass replaces legacy controls that are not designed for contemporary, API-driven, cloud infrastructure. The company was formed by former tech executives that have experience in a variety of cloud related industries and who have lived many of the challenges facing large enterprises in the transition to cloud-based systems.

About the Nebraska Applied Research Institute
The Nebraska Applied Research Institute is a 501(c) affiliate of the University of Nebraska-Omaha that provides applied research and development, hands-on training, data analytics, and cybersecurity services within the cyber physical system domain to industry and Government clients. Built around multiple high-fidelity hardware-in-the-loop testbeds, NARI’s offerings provide real-world solutions to some of the most complex and difficult cybersecurity challenges facing the high-tech digital world. The Institute was formed by tech executives and cybersecurity professionals with vast experience in vulnerability research, exploitation, data analytics, modeling, simulation, and visualization.

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