Highlights Need for Cloud Security Posture Management and Enhanced Communications Between DevOps and Security Teams

OpsCompass, a leader in Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), today released its Cloud Breaches of 2021 Report. The analysis covers the most significant cloud-related cybersecurity incidents that occurred entirely, or in part, during the first six months of 2021. The goal of the analysis is to help DevOps, Security, and Compliance teams understand how visibility can assist in mitigating security risks in cloud environments.

“Operations teams are managing increasingly complex cloud infrastructure and the breaches discussed in this report are a clear indication that there is work to be done,” said John Grange, CTO, and co-founder of OpsCompass. “The scale and sophistication of these security events highlight the need for a more holistic approach to cloud security. Simply put, DevOps and Security teams need a CSPM so they can work together to safeguard cloud configurations.

Nearly 55% of security professionals who develop, deploy, or manage enterprise cloud applications or infrastructure, say they have experienced a breach. And 47% express concerns about visibility, misconfigurations, configuration drift, and an overall gap in cloud-management skills. To combat these concerns many companies are looking to CSPM solutions. They want to be more proactive in putting policies and procedures in place before an issue occurs.

“Having a detailed overview of each breach and an understanding of the takeaways can help security and operations teams improve their processes and address risks,” said Grange.

To download a full report with an analysis of the key findings, please visit: https://discover.opscompass.com/breaches-report-2021.

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