Today OpsCompass announced that it has completed commercial release of AWS governance and compliance monitoring into their core product, Helm. This gives enterprise clients visibility across AWS and Microsoft Azure workloads from the same dashboard with the ability to make real-time decisions.

“Clients have been asking for an integrated solution, a single pane of glass if you will, to monitor their public cloud governance,” stated David Kerber, VP of Development for OpsCompass. He continued, “the important work of real integration is clarifying the comparative frameworks and recognizing the core change states, this allows us to provide a real multi-cloud user experience. Clients simply want the leverage that comes from having the choice at their fingertips.”

The OpsCompass Helm product provides monitoring for governance and compliance with guardrails and controls for public clouds and can detect configuration drift, access attempts, cost events and other critical concerns. Clients use the SaaS based product to reduce costly cloud misuse, identify potential access problems and maintain pre-approved governance standards.

“The public cloud is a very secure and productive technology, when used properly,” added John Grange, Chief Technology Officer for the fast-growing OpsCompass. “We need to understand that these technologies have tremendous potential, but require the same governance, compliance and security rule sets we would expect of any system; most enterprise technology teams understand the difference, we just make their job easier.”

OpsCompass will release the new capabilities first through their network of system integration partners and key consultants and then to the enterprise direct environment.

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About OpsCompass 

OpsCompass, is a SaaS-based provider of enterprise software that drives operational control, visibility, and security in Microsoft Azure, AWS and other global cloud platforms. Purpose-built for the cloud, OpsCompass replaces legacy controls that are not designed for contemporary, API-driven, cloud infrastructure. The company was formed by former tech executives that have experience in a variety of cloud-related industries and who have lived many of the compliance and security challenges facing large enterprises in the transition to cloud-based systems.

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