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Enabling Success in the Cloud for Retail

The retail industry is rapidly evolving, with organizations redesigning stores, reinventing supply chains, and aggressively building out digital channels. Advanced technologies such cloud computing, mobile solutions, machine learning, and IOT enable retailers to connect with their clients and customers in the place and time of their choosing.

While these new digital experiences enable customers to shop nearly anywhere and choose from a myriad of fulfillment options, they also result in an overwhelming amount of data to collect, understand, and act on. Unlocking the full potential of this data often requires compliance with regulations which set a new bar for data privacy, security, and compliance. OpsCompass provides the insight retail enterprises need to establish and maintain a compliant, secure, and cost-effective cloud environment.

retail devops cloud


In the cloud, changes happen frequently and through different configuration vectors. Logs and traditional monitoring solutions can’t tell the whole story. OpsCompass provides DevOps, Infrastructure, and Security teams a high fidelity snapshot of the state of their cloud and compares it to certification standards like NIST CSF, CIS or PCI DSS to determine your security, compliance, and cost posture across multiple clouds.
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Security Posture

When it comes time for an audit, you don’t want any surprises. It’s important that you know exactly what you have in the cloud and when it changes to maintain a safe and secure environment. OpsCompass makes it easy to enforce specific, secure configurations across clouds and be alerted when things change.
retail cloud security posture management

Compliance Analysis

Cloud compliance requires that you have deep, point-in-time visibility into your cloud infrastructure. OpsCompass continuously checks whether your cloud infrastructure is in compliance with your own internal baselines as well as multiple specific regulatory benchmarks. It also provides tools to automate the auditing process in order to reduce the operational overhead needed to meet the reporting requirements.
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Cost Anticipation

According to Rightscale it is anticipated that 35% of cloud spend is wasted. By monitoring events for when new resources are put into use or modified, OpsCompass can immediately project an annualized cost and alert teams when these costs exceed a threshold set by the organization. In a razor thin margin environment like retail, greater visibility into wasted cloud spend is a must.
retail cloud cost analysis

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