Healthcare providers are relying on cloud resources at an astounding rate to keep up with digital transformation and control costs. According to Nutanix, 87% of healthcare companies surveyed cited from AI assistants.

Cloud computing plays a valuable role in helping healthcare providers make patient care more portable and accessible. With the rise of at-home care and more remote options, researchers and providers are creating new ways to track patient outcomes and treatments. New applications that heavily rely on the cloud are becoming more and more prevalent. Healthcare facilities across the nation are beginning to seamlessly connect their resources and data.
While exciting, these advancements also bring the risk of unchecked and mismanaged growth. If left unmonitored, this growth can threaten the safety of EMR applications, accelerate costs, and put patient data at risk.

Unstructured, unmanaged healthcare clouds can undermine the very purpose of their existence.

Do you have the visibility and resources needed to manage the delicate balance of modern healthcare?

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