We are pleased to announce our new Cloud Adoption Framework Management solution is now available for purchase inside the Azure Marketplace and is designed to help customers jumpstart their cloud adoption by using the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure (CAF) as the guiding framework.

OpsCompass extends and complements Azure’s native tools by providing cloud ops teams with a simple yet powerful way to proactively identify risks across diverse dimensions such as security, compliance, and costs. Now, with the new CAF Management solution, customers can connect their clouds to OpsCompass and within minutes activate key capabilities outlined in the CAF. The great part about this is you can spend less engineering time mapping policies and compliance rules and building platform automation, while focusing more on the high value application and workload-oriented work.

The OpsCompass SaaS solution connects to directly to your Azure tenant and subscriptions, no agents involved, and addresses each of the five key disciplines of the Cloud Adoption Framework’s Manage methodology:

  • Inventory and Visibility – See a snapshot of key cloud inventory data points and breakdowns by resource type to gain a comprehensive understanding your complete cloud inventory.
  • Operational Compliance – Manage drift and remain in compliance with insights into who has access to which resources, as well as the changes being made in real-time.
  • Protect and Recover – Benchmark every change against desired compliance standards and established corporate baselines, and identify changes, the state prior to the change, who made the change, and any resulting implications to cloud operations.
  • Platform Operations – Ensure consistency throughout numerous configurations and across multiple cloud platforms, and pinpoint costly mistakes through automated, continuous analysis of your entire cloud environment.
  • Workload Operations – Detect risky configurations and low-performing resources and take the necessary steps to remediate issues using the recommendations provided.

For organizations using the CAF as a guiding framework, OpsCompass is a turn-key way to manage security posture and management for Azure, Office 365, and their entire cloud estate. The OpsCompass Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework Management solution — now available from the Azure Marketplace.


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According to Gartner, “Through 2022, more than 50% of I&O organizations will fail to meet company cloud adoption goals, due to a lack of in-house skills and experience.”


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