OpsCompass recently completed three AWS programs essential to helping AWS customers with their needs: The Partner Transformation Program, Oracle Competency and the AWS ISV Foundational Technical Review.

The completion of the AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP) certifies and validates the OpsCompass Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution, and its Oracle consulting services for use in supporting AWS customers. These achievements support OpsCompass’ rapid growth and strengthens our capabilities as an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner.

House of Brick, the OpsCompass Global Services Division was selected by AWS to participate in their Partner Transformation Program (PTP) because of the need to properly move more Oracle customers to AWS. This program serves as a catalyst to help our consulting services and software further evolve and assist AWS customers.

OpsCompass partnered with SyncOrg to complete the PTP program. According to Scott Young, CEO of SyncOrg, “OpsCompass  brings a wealth of Oracle deployment experience and expertise to AWS customers in addition to its cloud security posture management expertise”. “During the Partner Transformation Program, OpsCompass software solutions and consulting services went through rigorous exercises to align their offerings to AWS customer needs. OpsCompass is well positioned to help AWS customers with their cloud management needs.”

The OpsCompass Cloud Security and Posture Management (CSPM) solution helps AWS customers manage and optimize cloud operations, security, and compliance. In addition, OpsCompass’ CSPM solution assists AWS customers accelerate migrating Enterprise Systems to AWS and properly implement their overall cloud governance.

Whether it is moving Oracle to AWS or off Oracle to an AWS alternative database, we have the consulting services and software to optimize the migration and license costs. For AWS customers needing a software as the foundation, theOpsCompass CSPM solution is a robust SaaS offering.

Additionally, we continue to support our clients by saving them significant Oracle license costs and avoiding significant more in Oracle audit assertions through use of the OpsCompass License Manager Oracle solution.

The OpsCompass CSPM solution helps AWS customers with proactively maintaining an optimized cloud operation, as well as addressing key security and compliance needs. The ISV Foundational Technical Review certifies that OC CSPM follows the AWS Well Architected best practices, ensuring that AWS customers have a validated solution for their cloud governance needs.

Our ability to help AWS customers is further enabled with two other announcements – a whitepaper with AWS and a Free Tier of OpsCompass CSPM.

The white paper provides Oracle customers with business use cases for deploying to AWS. This includes highlights of the financial and operational benefits when properly migrating and licensing Oracle – as well as options to “wind down” Oracle costs by moving to an AWS alternative platform.

To download a copy of the HoB/AWS white paper, go to Oracle Cost Traps and How to Overcome Them with AWS Solutions.

The new Free Tier of OpsCompass CSPM allows AWS customers to explore the benefits, giving visibility of all AWS assets on a single pane of glass. The process is streamlined and automated to give customers immediate access to its features.

To learn more about the OC CSPM free tier, please watch the video Why Free, Why Now? or read the blog Why Free, Why Now?

As an AWS Advanced Consulting partner, we’re proud to be a part of the Partner Transformation Program initiative – and we hope our customers will also benefit from our strengthened partnership with AWS.

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