Release Notes: August 11th, 2021

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New Features
  • Receive alerts without having to log in via our Slack Integration! Drift Concern alerts can now be sent to a Slack channel. More detail can be found in our Slack KB article
  • CIS Controls v7.1 have been updated to CIS Controls v8
  • The navigation sidebar is now collapsible, yielding more room for your resource details
  • The Compliance Dashboard headline numbers previously showed total/high/medium/low counts that summarized all selected frameworks. Due to adding frameworks, these numbers have been growing and are not best serving user understanding of their compliance landscape. To address this, OpsCompass will now show the number of: Compliant Resources, Open Problems, Policy Exceptions, and Mitigations.
Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • Fixed a scanning bug with gke#cluster resources where regional clusters were marking zonal clusters as deleted
  • On the Dashboard, moved ‘Add Account’ icon from Accounts card to the Inventory card
  • Made phrasing consistent on the Add Account Page
  • Updated sender on weekly digest from ‘digest’ to ‘OpsCompass Weekly Digest’
  • Modified an S3 bucket check to meet new CIS recommendation to block all public access for every bucket, not just CloudTrails
  • AWS: Connecting Account Field Validation
  • Improved user input validation associated with adding Cloud Accounts
  • Improved resource type filtering for Inventory