Release Notes: August 2022

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Product Enhancements 

Oracle Database CIS Benchmark 

OpsCompass is beginning to roll out Oracle 19c CIS Benchmark support! Users with initial access can now track their Security Compliance status of their Oracle Database Instances within OpsCompass. For more information on installing data gathering scripts, or if you are interested in trying out Phase 1 of support, please contact your OpsCompass representative. 

Additional Feature Development 

Mitigations and Exceptions 

OpsCompass users will be able to view and edit their previously created compliance mitigations and exceptions. The feature also supports bulk editing and advanced filtering capabilities. This feature can be found within the compliance section in the main side menu. 

Note: In our next release there will be more filtering options so users can see which mitigations and exceptions are expiring soon. 

License Manager: Data Gathering Config Script Integration 

To support the upcoming addition of Security Compliance monitoring on Oracle Databases, Oracle Database Connections tracked through OpsCompass can now have multiple actions associated with them. These actions allow for the separation of permissions on different users OpsCompass may connect with, or to disable connections from being used entirely. 

Bug Fixes / Enhancements 

We have updated the license manager display columns and modals to provide accurate, streamlined information.