Release Notes: December 2022

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Product Enhancements 

SQL Server Licensing

OpsCompass Licenses now supports both Oracle and SQL Server! The capabilities for SQL Server mirror those we have already set up for Oracle. These include current state reports, entitlements, and data configuration. The Licenses page has been updated to support this feature addition.

Mssql server entitlements can be entered based on what has been purchased.

Once a Mssql assessment has been run, the entered entitlements are compared against mssql license usage in the environment, and license compliance is calculated. The assessment calculates the number of available licenses and potential risk. The entitlements, deployment details, and license usage can be viewed to see what went into the assessment compliance calculations.

CIS Benchmark

OpsCompass offers MS SQL Server 2019 Benchmark support! Users can now track their Security and Compliance status of their SQL Server Instances within OpsCompass. For more information on installing data gathering scripts, or if you are interested in trying out Phase 2 of support, please contact your OpsCompass representative.

Inventory Updates

Inventory Quick Filters

We have added a few quick filters to the top of the inventory table so customers can easily find databases, networks, and storage without navigating through the traditional filter modal.

Inventory Problem Filter

Users can now filter to see resources with or without problems. This filter makes it easier for users to exclusively see resources with problems they need to fix.

Related Resources

Users can now see related resources on the individual resource fly-out. This update was added so that users won’t have to navigate away from the inventory to see necessary information.

Resource Tagging

We have added the capability to add custom tags to resources via the user interface and CLI. Users can create up to 20 tags per resource. There is also the capability to delete tags for any resource.