Release Notes: December 2023

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New Features

Customers can now search their database configurations by host or server so finding specific configurations to update or delete is easier.

Data Gathering Scripts

  • New and associated directory structure to perform all pre-requisite installations from a central location (base-scripts/src/Config).
    • Includes installation of Node.js in either system or user context
    • Can be distributed as a stand-alone installer
    • Addition of Amazon Linux 2023 to list of supported platforms
    • Can install Node.js in user context for the specified user, including the OpsCompass CLI package.
  • Module installers ({module}/src/ now calls centralized installer
    • Can also be run as root without issue
    • Install_{flavor}.sh have all been removed

Bug Fixes / Enhancements

  • When viewing a single compliance check, resources of the check’s type for which the check does not apply or otherwise can’t be scanned will show as “Not Checked” in the status column.
  • Drift concerns now use a single, consistent color scheme for improved contrast and readability.
  • Bug fixed where the CLI would crash verifying signatures for particularly large data gathering scripts.