Release Notes: February 16, 2021

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New Features
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Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • Support AWS CloudFormation template: So that OpsCompass can successfully discover and monitor resources while using only read-access permissions within AWS, we have authored a forwarding rule. The forwarding rule monitors all AWS service events, both raw and CloudTrail sourced, that sends events to OpsCompass and stores them in an S3 bucket. To ensure that data sources are not readable to OpsCompass a deny policy is used to explicitly prevent access of data source contents.
  • Added additional information to ‘Add Account’ page including KB references and invite user button
  • Updated new AWS signup experience to Pharos Styles
  • Chrome browser issue – Fix mega-caret issue seen on compliance framework page
  • Updated time zone should not give you a confirmation prompt about legal settings
  • Updated AWS Lambdas to allow non-administrative signup
  • Updated ‘Add Account’ workflow to use new Pharos styles and colors
  • Corrected inconsistency between number of accounts displayed on dashboard and inventory
  • Updated styles and layout in Inventory pages
  • Updated Inventory Page to use Pharos Colors and Icons
  • Corrected bug associated with MLSS date checking that created unnecessary compliance drift
  • Capture CloudFormation stacks with similar names
  • Modified CIS check to remove ports 22 and 3389 validation from AWS default security groups
  • MS 365: Split scanning functions from HTTP-triggered functions
  • Added CIS rule for microsoft.graph.identitySecurityDefaultsEnforcementPolicy