Release Notes: February 2023

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New Features

Dashboard Updates

The OpsCompass Dashboard has added a card for licensing customers to see their total potential risk. Both Oracle and SQL Server licensing customers will have this view. Along with this addition, some dashboard cards have been redesigned and rearranged to improve the layout. Most noticeably, the accounts card is now on the very top of the dashboard. 

License Manager

OpsCompass License Manager has been updated to include total potential risk and potential risk broken down by individual products ex. Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. 

Weekly Digest

Licensing details have been added to the Weekly Digest email. Licensing customers can see their total potential risk and the percentage change from the previous week. 

Bug Fixes / Enhancements 
  • Oracle licensing customers can now download the deployment details for their Current State report. 
  • Fixed a bug redirecting customers after they added filters to Inventory screen. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused tagging menu to not render under certain conditions. 
  • Added support for AWS regions within the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Central Europe. 
  • Updated AWS Event Forwarding Template to use IAM Role for cross-account access. 
  • Updated OpsCompass AWS Scanning Template, allowing access to Pricing APIs. Directions to update your AWS account integrations can be found on the OpsCompass KnowledgeBase