Release Notes: July 2023

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New Features 

Account Manager

There is a new tab on the admin page that allows users to see and manage accounts (ex. Azure subscriptions, AWS accounts, etc.) and organizations (Azure tenants, AWS organizations, etc.) they have connected to their OpsCompass company. From this tab, users can also add and disable accounts.

Linked Companies 

There is another new tab on the admin page that allows users to link external companies to share high-level information and monitor their compliance scores. It is common for companies to give data access to third parties. A common vector for a data breach is for hackers to breach a third party’s systems, and then try to breach the actual targets data. Through linking two companies, this feature helps a company assess their third-party risk through automation and the OpsCompass product.

New Notifications 

Users will now receive notifications when there are new product release notes and Knowledge Base articles. With this addition, users have easy access to current information about the product.

Bug Fixes / Enhancements 
  • A resource’s latest configuration can now be accessed through the CLI and API. 
  • Added option for SQL Server Data Gathering Configurations to use Directory Authentication. 
  • Updated more features to improve accessibility I.e., adding form labels, alternative text, and missing links.