Release Notes: June 17th, 2021

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Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • OpsCompass now checks for the use/configuration of AWS Secrets Manager and checks for the use of secret rotation scheduling.
  • To remove confusion introduced by showing framework-specific severity levels for problems, OpsCompass has removed the framework-specific severity levels and now shows only the framework control references. Note that the Severity is still present at the control/requirement level.
  • Corrected the remediation steps for AWS CloudWatch compliance checks
  • Changed the target of Dashboard’s ‘View all Inventory’ link to land on Resources tab
  • Fixed a couple issues that caused compliance problems for deleted resources to be counted on the dashboard and inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where in certain cases users were not able to export Compliance reports
  • Changed header on Exception/Mitigation modal popup when no resources selected
  • Improved check coverage for NIST CSF v1.1
  • Display popup to show “Select resources using checkboxes” on clicking Add exception button on check page
  • Changed default tab in inventory to ‘Resources’
  • Added tags for severities to the controls display on disabled checks
  • Tabular display of related resource for resource no longer contains entry for itself
  • Fixed bug where duplicate Compliance Framework sub controls displayed on resource in inventory.
  • Added additional check information to Inventory Resource page
  • Improved loading message in inventory
  • Updated paging controls and entries per page styles used in DataTable
  • Authored compliance check to ensure Redis Cache is not publicly exposed
  • Assigned network checks to CIS AWS Benchmark 5.2 control
  • Assigned network checks to CIS AWS Benchmark 5.1 control
  • Improved sort widget indicators
  • Updated References: Update references to Compliance Status for Resource page
  • Updated References: Run migration script to migrate rule data to checks
  • Clean Up: Remove (now obsolete) Rule Pages
  • Updated References: Replace disabled checks card with disabled rules
  • Top Fix card now links to new Check Page
  • Refactored Manage Check Page to improve use and presentation
  • Created Manage Check Page