Release Notes: June 2023

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New Features 

Breached Data for M365 

Connected Microsoft 365 tenants will be able to see their organization’s users who have had information compromised in data breaches. Users will be able to see how many breaches, what data was compromised, and when the last password change was for all users. This feature serves as a reminder to update accounts to stay in security compliance. Find out how to use this feature here

 Bug Fixes / Enhancements 
  • The network discovery feature no longer has an ongoing loading animation when no network configuration exists. 
  • The Configuration Network Discovery tab prevents users from saving invalid information. Users will not be able to save if any of the fields are invalid. 
  • MSSQL assessments can now handle adding hundreds of records at a time. 
  • A contact form is now linked in the Settings menu. 
  • Compliance Scores show up next to Framework names on the Compliance Snapshot page. 
  • Updated features to improve accessibility I.e., adding form labels, alternative text, and missing links.