Release Notes: March 25, 2021

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New Features
  • Compliance and Drift pages have a new filtering interface! Filters are now presented as a modal window with collapsible sections to improve usability. Of course, Saved Filters are still supported; now accessed through a dropdown list right next to the Filter button.
Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • Updated labels in JSON differencing view in Drift to be bold, black text.
  • Fixed for issue with viewing drift change where if more than one concern was tied to a change the carets associated with the first concern pointed the wrong direction.
  • Confirm user delete action
  • Fixed a bug where whitespace provided with AWS role or external ID would cause an AWS account to fail to connect.
  • Prevented users from accessing Add Account if they do not have permission to add accounts
  • Clarified Azure/O365 onboarding instructions to highlight that CSCM only requires read-only access
  • Fixed a bug with Azure Key Vault Soft Delete Compliance Check checking for Purge Protection property
  • Resources that are removed from cloud should not display in inventory or dashboard