Release Notes: September 16, 2021

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New Features
  • OpsCompass API Preview – A new API for OpsCompass is available as a preview. This API allows authenticated access to resource information in the product via API. The initial release of the OpsCompass API will include a handful of functional interfaces with more to be added over time. Initially, OpsCompass will provide a ‘resources’ API that will get resource configuration information, recent drift notifications, and compliance problems. A command line interface will be released during the week of September 20.   
  • Notification Bar – OpsCompass now includes a notification experience to alert users to drift concerns and newly found compliance problems. A new notification feed page is available to navigate through a 2-week history of alerts.   
  • AWS Account Connections – the AWS account connection experience has been redesigned to provide a more reliable experience. A new progress bar and user notification experience helps users understand progress in connecting accounts. Newly connected accounts have prioritized scanning to ensure the fastest possible connection experience. New CloudFormation Templates allow users to create appropriate and safe roles for OpsCompass, to enable scanning and event detection. New Command Line Interface (CLI) instructions are available to enable OpsCompass through AWS CLI directly. 
Bug Fixes/Improvements
  • Last Scanned time has been changed to reflect the last periodic scan, rather than the last event detected.
  • Resources listed on the Check Page now reflect a status icon specific to that check, rather than indicating a general error state. 
  • Fixed an issue where Related Resources were not detected correctly due to excessive request size. 
  • Fixed an issue in account connections, to prioritize new account resource scanning and avoid new account processing delays. 
  • Fixed an issue where AWS account setup would fail during periodic scanning setup, leaving users stuck in the sign-up process. 
  • Fixed an issue where newly created AWS account connections were not processing notifications consistently. 
  • Fixed a scale limitation in AWS account setup limiting AWS account connections. 
  • Fixed an issue where errors in the AWS account setup process were not being displayed to users. 
  • Eliminated excessive drift alerts caused by Microsoft 365 “originating server” drift, AWS Dynamo data record count changes, and certain non-event CloudTrail alerts.