Cloud Compliance Analysis

Real Time Industry-Standard Compliance Benchmarks

Cloud compliance requires that you have deep, point-in-time visibility into your cloud infrastructure. OpsCompass provides this visibility by continuously evaluating whether your cloud infrastructure is in compliance with your own internal baselines as well as specific regulatory benchmarks.

OpsCompass removes the expertise requirement from cloud governance and automatically benchmarks every change against the desired compliance standards and established corporate baseline. Integrated directly into your cloud and DevOps processes, OpsCompass ensures you have a handle on your infrastructure at scale.

As a leader in cloud compliance software, OpsCompass comes ready to provide benchmarking against several compliance standards, including CIS, NIST, HITRUST, FedRAMP, PCI DSS, and more.

Compliance Score and Trends

Get a birds-eye view of your entire cloud compliance posture with our proprietary compliance score.

Recommended Remediation

OpsCompass not only identifies noncompliant resources, but also clearly spells out the needed steps to remediate the issue.

Analysis & Audit-Readiness

Avoid surprises and maintain a safe environment by easily staying aware of exactly what you have in the cloud and when it changes.

“The CIS compliance Visibility provided us to form a remediation strategy quickly avoiding large financial risk.”


Compliance Score and Trends

OpsCompass captures a high-fidelity snapshot of your entire cloud and all of its configurations, creating a complete picture of your environment. From this snapshot, it generates a proprietary score and helpful graphs for your dashboard that indicate how you’re performing against key compliance standards and identify compliance trends at a glance. You can then drill down to discover exactly where any compliance problems lie and how you can fix them.

Recommended Action for Remediation

OpsCompass not only identifies noncompliant resources, but our cloud compliance software also clearly spells out the needed steps to remediate the issue. It provides deep links into the cloud environment to ease the process of getting the resources back in a compliant state. OpsCompass also logs when resources go in and out of compliance, who baselined the change, and then can easily export this data for auditing purposes.

Analysis & Audit-Readiness

OpsCompass continuously scans the user’s environment to map all resources to the CIS Controls and the specific CIS benchmarks for each cloud, and can implement several additional compliance frameworks as needed.  

OpsCompass graphs compliance trends, offers recommendations for steps to remediation of non-compliant resources, and incorporates company mitigations and policy exceptions into audit reporting. Reports can be exported based on the current, up to the minute, status of the overall companywide environment or scoped down to specific cloud accounts or resources with the click of a button.  

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