AWS Management Tools

Maximize the Power of AWS Without the Risk

Amazon Web Services pioneered the first path to the public cloud and their early success proved that organizations were ready to make the switch. With a full set of features to build and manage cloud applications, it’s still one of the best engineer platforms currently available.

But even though AWS has been here the longest, with the most mature tools, organizations still share some risk with anything they implement in the cloud. That’s why you need visibility on any changes that open you up to risks in compliance, security, and unexpected costs. With OpsCompass, you can achieve the proactive operational excellence required for robust, enterprise-grade cloud governance.

AWS Compliance Analysis
Compliance Analysis

AWS Security Governance
Security Governance

AWS Cost Anticipation
Cost Anticipation

Operationalize the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

Leveraging the 5 Pillars of the AWS Framework

Building solutions on AWS that deliver on your expectations and requirements relies on the five pillars of operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization. OpsCompass was designed to provide increased visibility across each of these pillars, simplifying your AWS cloud operations over time with ongoing management.

Know Who Does What and When to Your AWS Cloud

Amazon has a wide range of tools and capabilities and that’s a big reason why organizations choose AWS. With these tools so readily available, it can be difficult to see who is making changes while optimizing and making configurations. But OpsCompass gives you a single location to see who has access to what resources. In other words, OpsCompass makes sense of all the data AWS provides for your cloud center of excellence team so you can move more quickly and confidently.
AWS Configuration Drift
Enhance AWS Native Tools

Get the Full Value Out of AWS

The current fear many organizations have in the public cloud is ensuring they receive the safety and cost-effectiveness it can bring. OpsCompass fully integrates with AWS so your team doesn’t have to spend the time manually managing a governance strategy and cost management tools.

The OpsCompass solution is like having a friendly AWS guide by the side of your entire organization’s cloud teams.

“With OpsCompass connected to our AWS cloud we were able to gain better visibility into exactly what was happening in our environment. It can be a challenge to ensure secure cloud resource and IAM configuration with just logs and a patchwork of tools. OpsCompass brought it all together into one place with a real-time cloud baseline and the additional intelligence we needed to improve our security and compliance posture and make our ops team more efficient.”